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Moti Ospovat - your Tour Guide in Israel

Dear friends!
The land of Israel welcomes you. Those who are here, and those who are coming here. The land and people of Israel are present in the history of almost all countries and peoples of our planet.
I invite you to become acquainted with the past and present  people of Israel and the local nature, that this people skillfully uses and carefully guards. Tours, which I offer, make your stay in the land of Israel enjoyable and  a truly unforgettable experience.
Thematically , my trips can be divided into:
​1. Christian:  The Holy Land as an integral part of the history and activity of the world's largest religion.
2. Jewish: the unique experience and relationship of  the Jewish people and its land, history, religion and culture .(Bat / Bar Mitzvah tour, the Jewish tour).
3. Nature  and "Extreme": climate, soil, vegetation, animals, learning survival skills in the nature, practical examples of extreme situations and methods of action...

a) for families or individuals,
b) for organized groups.

Tours are built and organized in accordance with your wishes and at an affordable price.

I keep Sabbath and the Jewish holidays, so the excursions are conducted according to the Jewish tradition.

Few words about me.
I was born in Latvia in 1968, made Aliya to Israel in 1980 and in my military served in Anti-Aircraft Forces.
I began working as a guide in 1999, conducting school trips. I worked in this field and gained experience working with youth, organizing several-day long trips. I gained experience working with various groups of all ages and levels of education.
After the Ministry of Tourism tour-guide course, in 2008, I started working with groups of tourists from abroad. Therefore I am quite experienced on fitting the itinerary and the level of the explanations to the level of the group, arranging  tours that include many subjects of knowledge about the Land of Israel.

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